Chapter 8 Reflection and Application

Some of the important take aways from this chapter, for me, came in the copyright section.  Knowing that educators and students are protected for all of their original content is important.  I also think that it is important to discuss with students that material found on the web cannot be reused without permission from the creator.  Because so much information can be found easily in Google searches, the value of that data seems to diminish.  It is important for educator to help students understand that digital versions content have just as much value as physical versions of content.  Copyright is one way to help students begin to understand the value of digital information.

Another important part of this chapter is the health related concerns as they relate to technology.  The more time we spend in front of computers and tablets, the more important it is to understand the best ways to do that without hurting our bodies.  Starting early students should be taught not just to sit up straight while typing, not only for good form, but also for body health.  When need to ensure we are not simply parking students in front of computers for long periods of time.

The last part that spoke to me from this chapter was the internet security portion.  I do believe that it is important, but I think sometimes we go a bit overboard and it creates people who are uncomfortable in an online environment.  It is important that we protect identity and private information, but going too far to the other side can also be detrimental.  Many computer viruses these days hide themselves as service to clear your computer from viruses or programs that will clear out bad data and make your computer run faster.  The best way for people to protect themselves and their identity online is to be informed exactly what people are looking for, and exactly how people actually get their information.  Otherwise people are simply taking steps that don’t so any good and not protecting themselves where they should.

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