Chapter 7 reflection

Another blog post for Education Technology class:

When looking at the evaluation of educational materials, I think it is important to keep in mind that adding technology just for technology sake to other content areas is not good practice.  Just using a computer program or app because it is easy or looks interesting does not help students.  To me, this is a good argument for having specific technology time/class in the curriculum.  With time to specifically focus on the use of technology by itself, you are asking other teachers to teach content that is outside their area, and give up instructional time to learn technology skills.  This also goes along with a conversation I was having at my LEA/RN group this week about new instructional methods.  The leader of the group was giving advice about starting a new instructional method with non-complex content to learn the strategy, and then proceeding to use it for more complex content later.  To me, this is directly applicable to technology, my impressions has been that there is an attitude of learning technology right alongside content, but that often leads to shallow or no understanding of either the content or the technology.  Planning how you are going to teach students to use a new technology resource, is as important as planning how they will use it to learn new content.

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