Blog Post for Class 3: Who’s your edu-hero?

I think it is important that we have heroes, not only overall in life, but specifically in our field.  If you had asked me when I started teaching, I would have said my heroes were many, Helen Brcka, my 6th grade teacher who made me realize some of my idiosyncrasies were really my strengths, my clarinet teacher Joyce Wheeler who taught me about being your best and the real meaning of hard work, and Beth Wilson, my drum corps teacher that push me beyond anything I ever thought I could accomplish.

Since starting to interact with the #MTBoS, I found that it isn’t a hero you need, but strong traits of great people.  I was actually going to list some here, but then I felt overwhelmed by all of the great people I have met, and I felt bad about leaving anyone out.  Finding a great community, whether it is in your direct working location or electronically, can be such a great help.  Twitter math camp gave me such a great opportunity to see this people first hand, and find out what I wanted to become in a teacher.  I don’t think it’s important that we measure ourselves against others, but striving toward the great traits you see in others can really help everyone grow.

Think about the great teachers in your life, and what you want to emulate in their practice, and it will always push you to be better.


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