Blog Post for Class 2: The Importance of Passion and a Good Team

I have learned a lot this year.  I work with an instructor in my department who talks about how you need passion, commitment, and hard work to stick in construction engineering, and I think this is true of any field.  I find that I do not lack in the commitment, and I am willing to work hard, but often that doesn’t seem required in my current position.  But I can tell from my own analysis of myself over the last year that I lack the passion for this.  I just don’t buy into everything that academic advising is selling, and I can’t keep trying to make myself.  I do always find it a little interesting that his emphasis on passion may be the very thing that pushes me away from staying with his department.

Throughout my working life I have been apart of some great workplaces.  I think everyone you talk to will tell you that no matter the field you will have your ups and downs, which I would agree with, but I have found that the best jobs are ones that you can feel good about what you are doing AND get to share those experiences with a great team.  Working in Ryle and Missouri Halls at Truman State gave me that feeling, and so did working in 1505 at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.  I think I felt it most at Florida State while I was Mapping Coordinator, but also with some great people when I was directing the advising office, and I definitely felt it at Trinity Catholic School.  Those students and teachers were great to work with.  But I don’t get those same feelings where I am now.

And I think that is what scares me about getting recertified in Iowa.  I read about the struggles of a lot of teachers on Twitter, and I also read about their positive moments.  I am afraid I won’t end up with a great team again.  I worry that the lack of support and the things that I beat myself up about when I left Trinity will come around again, and I will have spent a lot of time and money to get back into the profession to simply not want it when I get there.  I know I have the passion.  I know I have the commitment.  And pretty much anyone who I have worked with will tell you that I will work hard.  I just hope that’s really all I need…

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