Finally Know What’s Next and Some Other Stuff #Fridayblog

So, I saw Julie being her “pushy self” (her words not mine) and encouraging people to blog by Friday, so I thought I would join in with some updates.

For those that haven’t read for a bit, or don’t remember, I don’t live in Florida anymore.  I moved to Iowa about 6 months ago.  This brought it it another large change: I’m not teaching.  Iowa has some of the toughest teaching certification standards in the country, and surprise, surprise, I don’t meet them.  I am lucky enough to have a previous career to fall back on, so I am an academic adviser at Iowa State University, for now.

But enough recap, I actually have some plan and direction that I thought I would share.  I met with Dr. Anne Foegen, who is in charge of the PhD in Math Education at Iowa State, to devise a plan for how I could join that program.  After a wonderful conversation about my background, interests, and goals, we finally hatched a plan.   She didn’t think starting PhD with only a year and a half of actual teaching experience was a good idea, which I understood entirely.  But because I am more interested in K-6 and Middle School math in the long run, we both agreed that tackling the pile of requirements that it would take to get Math 6-12 certification in Iowa would be mostly a waste of time.  She also told me that if I want to work in K-8 research and/or teaching, having taught at the elementary school level would be incredibly useful experience.  So, now I am starting the process of getting certified K-6.  I actually have a decent leg-up in this area, because I was originally an Elementary Ed grad student many years ago, and I was only 1-2 classes short of finishing my degree in that when I switched to Math Ed.  First big hurdle is taking the two required Praxis exams, which I am going to do by the end of this Summer.  Then I will just start the application process and get moving on making up the “deficiencies” in my certification and work toward getting a teaching job from there.

I did want to thank those who have reached out and offered support or wondered how I was doing.  I have been up and down, and not everything is rainbows and unicorns yet, but I’m getting there.  I am excited to have a plan, but also very nervous about everything coming up.

Also, thanks for dealing with me being a little in and out of things in the #MTBOS universe.  Wonky internet issues along with tough personal stuff has made getting hooked into the community really hard.  I actively avoided Twitter for a while because it just didn’t make me feel good.  But I am trying to get back in and share as I can.  Also, you guys are killing me with the TMC15 stuff.  Bummed that I am not going, but I do hope you guys have a blast.  I just haven’t figure out whether I am going to be following along with the TMC15 hashtag or muting it next week… 😉

On another note, I just started reading Mindset the other day, because it seemed to have great reviews from the #MTBOS.  I have had some reactions to it that I didn’t fully expect, and that I feel would be tough to get through in 140 Characters.  Would anyone be interested in Google Hangoutting (is that a word?) just to talk about it a little?